The Man Morning 1-Day Planner


Having a great, productive day should be simple.

Most men use daily planners to help them design a great day.

Unfortunately, most planners fall short.

They’re too broad, and lack precision and intention.

In short, they don’t help you win the day.

When you win the day, it creates momentum.

Stack these won days on top of each other and it leads to a great week, month, quarter and beyond.

As a leadership and development expert, over the years I’ve tested countless planners.

Some were decent, some were horrible, and most were overpriced.

I saw a need for something more.

Something that I would use every single day.

I couldn’t find it, so I created it.

I'm thrilled to offer you The Man Morning 1-Day Planner.

It's the ultimate planner designed for a man like you who is unwilling to settle.

Have More Great Days with The Man Morning 1-Day Planner.

How It Works

The Man Morning 1-Day Planner is born from extensive research, over a decade of coaching, and rigorous testing. It’s designed to help you win every single day.

Intentionally Analog

In a digital world, there's magic in putting pen to paper. It engages your brain in ways screens can't. The Man Morning 1-Day Planner is intentionally designed to be analog to maximize your focus and productivity.

Schedule Section

Starting at 4 AM, this planner reminds you of the time available if you choose to use it. As a husband, father of twins, and professional, I’ve found that the only way to “add” time to my day is by getting up earlier (which means going to bed earlier).

What Will Make Today a Success?

Identify the key thing that will make today a success. This sets a clear intention and focus for your day, preventing distractions and ensuring measurable progress.

Today's Big 3

"If you have more than three priorities, then you don't have any." — Jim Collins, author of 'Good to Great.' Your daily "Big 3" are your main objectives that drive results and progress.

To Do Section

Deliberately limited to 5 items, this section encourages focus. Constraints lead to efficiency, ensuring you tackle the most important tasks without getting overwhelmed.

Top 5 Daily Actions

In over 10 years of coaching, I’ve learned that these 5 key actions lead to a good, even great day:

  • Sweat: Get some type of workout in. HIIT, yoga, heavy weights, a ruck, a run … it doesn’t matter. Just sweat.
  • Connect: Have a real-time conversation with someone you care about. This means you hear their voice or see their face. Texting or voice notes don’t count. Doesn’t need to be long, it just needs to be done.
  • Grow: Learn something new. Listen to a podcast or audiobook, read a book or newsletter, learn something on YouTube, take an online course, etc. You can learn a lot in just 15 dedicated, focused minutes.
  • No Tech: Unplug to recharge. At minimum, give yourself 15 minutes without any technology, notifications, or audio in your ear. You can go for a walk in nature, meditate, journal, etc. Just no tech.
  • Finish: Make meaningful progress on something personal or professional. It could be finishing a draft of a proposal, pressing send on an important email, organizing the closet, washing the car, or booking a reservation for date night.

Today's Wins (Big or Small)

Document three daily victories, no matter their size. This practice helps you recognize and appreciate your progress.

Unlimited Prints

Get the PDF of the Man Morning 1-Day Planner for just $9.99.

This investment shows your commitment to getting better, experiencing results, and creating real momentum in your life.

Unlimited prints are included, making this a powerful, lifelong tool for mastering your day.

About Man Morning

Man Morning is the top newsletter for the growth-driven man who wants to get better. Every week we talk about what most men don't say out loud.

About Antonio Neves

Antonio Neves is an internationally recognized leadership and development expert, author of the bestselling book Stop Living on Autopilot, an award-winning journalist (NBC, PBS, MTV Networks), and a globally recognized leadership speaker. He regularly shares his expertise on outlets like the NBC Today Show and The Art of Manliness podcast. Most importantly, he's a husband and father.

About You

You are committed to growth and getting better.

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Intentionally Analog Based On Brain Research
Daily Schedule Begins At 4 AM - Master The Unseen Hours
The 1 Thing To Complete - Get Focused
Today's Big 3 - If You Have More Than 3 Priorities You Don't Have Any
Essential To Dos - Less Is More
The "Top 5" Daily Actions That Lead To A Great Day
Document Your Daily Wins And Track Your Progress
Notes Section
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The Man Morning 1-Day Planner

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